Integrating your Google Calendar

Integrating your Google Calendar with MailMentor is a crucial step in harnessing the full potential of the platform. This document will explain why connecting your calendar is important, elaborate on the "availability injection" feature, and guide you on how to connect your Gmail account.

Why connect your Google Calendar?

Connecting your Google Calendar to MailMentor offers several benefits, including:

Availability Injection:

MailMentor's "availability injection" feature reads your calendar events and appointments to automatically detect and insert your available time slots into emails. This makes it easier for recipients to schedule meetings or calls with you, reducing back-and-forth communication and increasing efficiency.

Availability is pulled directly from the calendar and included in a message

Enhanced Personalization:

By understanding your availability, MailMentor can further personalize your emails and tailor your messaging to each prospect's needs, increasing the chances of successful sales outreach.

Connecting your Gmail account

To integrate your Google Calendar with MailMentor, you must first connect your Gmail account. This will grant the necessary permissions for MailMentor to access your calendar and provide the aforementioned benefits.

For detailed instructions on connecting your Gmail account, please refer to our Connecting Your Gmail Account help document.

Once you've connected your Gmail account and integrated your Google Calendar, you'll be able to take full advantage of MailMentor's powerful features, optimizing your sales outreach and enhancing your messaging.

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